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Noah is an open, modular sourcing management platform for consumer goods manufacturers looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Noah integrates, automates and optimizes the systems, processes and people in your supply chain

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What is NOAH


How do you sync an ERP with PO progress, PLM, pressing deadlines, and people across the globe? Noah. That's how.

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Sourcing Cloud

Noah is an open and modular buy-side sourcing orchestration platform that leverages the cloud, ML, and AI to integrate, automate, optimize and analyze each actor, requirement, & business process.

Noah's sourcing illustrationNoah's sourcing illustration
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Control the process


Your Purchase Orders

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Take control of your production by securely collaborating with your vendors in the Sourcing Cloud™
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Robotic sync of PO, item, and vendor data from your ERP ensures everyone's on the same page
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Centralize the "Single source of truth" with version control, attachments, and custom data taggin



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Item Data Management
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Sync with ERP
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Label and tag item data
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Define packing rules
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Workflow Management
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Role-based activity management
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Tied to data records
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Time & action
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Approvals management
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Vendor Management
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Vendor login to buyer-controlled environment
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Native language interface
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Analytics & scorecard
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Vendor chargebacks
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Reverse-auction style buy planning
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Pricing tiers
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Price negotiation within app
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Buy planning
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Purchase Orders
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Import and manage PO’s
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Track multiple versions
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Intelligent cartonization and allocation from PO through shipment
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In-app approvals & workflows
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Shipment Management
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Automated booking management
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Auto-generate shipping docs
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Forwarder integration & load planning
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Vessel & cargo tracking


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